Earn 20% on each sale of Organic Powders

In 2021, the global superfoods market was valued at about £131.21 billion pounds. With people increasingly becoming more concious about what they put into their body, it’s never been a better time to promote healthy, 100% organic superfood products.

We have developed one of the most generious affiliate programs on the planet offering 20% commission on first time and repeat sales.

Most other affiliate programs pay only on the initial sale, not the repeat sales. This makes making money difficult as you constantly have to find new customers.  With Organic Powders, once you aquire a customer, they are yours for an entire year.  And our customers re-order from us on average 5 times a year.

You will be given access to an analytics dashboard to view link clicks, sales, conversion etc.

You can apply for the program below

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