Pea Protein


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GOOD FOR : Calcium metabolism, regulates blood, vision, skin, teeth, bones, muscle function, immune system, iron metabolism
NUTRITION :Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin A
DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Add to smoothies for nutritional or post-workout meals. Make high-protein snacks – sweet or savory bars.

What is Pea Protein Powder?

The dried peas used to make soup are the same peas pea protein is derived from. It is botanically a fruit treated as a vegetable. Pea pods are commonly green in colour, but they can also be yellow or purple sometimes depending on the variety. Inside, they contain several peas or seeds. Peas are a cool season crop and have a one year life cycle. One of the crops first cultivated by man, wild peas go as far back as the late Neolithic era in Egypt, Greece and middle Asia. This starchy vegetable has been a part of their diet, adding energy and fibre to their diet from as early as 3800 BC. Archeological findings of wild peas were also discovered in the mountains and plateaus of Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Because of the cultivation of peas about 5,000 years ago, the once nomadic tribes started to have a stable source of food. Travelers brought peas to the Mediterranean and the Far East, and thus the spread of peas throughout the world began.

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