Plant-based protein blends made with Organic Ingredients. 

Is your “natural” or vegan protein powder actually good for your body?

We believe that Organic Certification is a sign of quality and in order for a product to claim to be organic, it must be made with over 95% of organic ingredients.

At Organic Powders, we create high quality, great tasting protein powders made with organic ingredients that our customers love ?

Organic Superblend

Cacao flavoured protein shake. We prefer to let our ingredients do the talking

Organic Rice Protein
Organic Pea Protein
Organic Hemp Protein
Organic Maca
Organic Barley Grass
Organic Cacao
Coconut Sugar

Organic Performance

A post-workout protein shake with electrolytes. We prefer to let our ingredients do the talking

Organic Pea Protein
Organic Rice Protein
Organic Hemp Protein
Organic Banana Powder
Organic Coconut Water
Organic Tumeric Powder
Himalayan Pink Salt

Pure Range (Just Protein)

Want to create your own protein blends? Then why not pick up some organic protein powders from our raw range. You can mix them with other organic superfoods or add them in with fruit and veg. The choice is yours.

Hemp Protein

013 £8.99£18.99
Looking for an organic, plant-based protein that

Organic Pea Protein

010 £8.99£22.99
Looking for a nutritious and organic source

Types of Organic Protein Powder

Organic protein powder comes in various forms, from plant-based proteins like hemp, pea and rice to dairy-based proteins such as whey and casein. Plant-based proteins are typically higher in fiber than dairy-based ones, which means they are more slowly absorbed by your body. This can be beneficial if you want sustained energy throughout the day or are looking for a way to feel full longer after consuming your meal. Dairy-based proteins, on the other hand, are typically higher in BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) which can help promote muscle growth and recovery after exercise.

Benefits of Organic Protein Powder

Organic protein powder has numerous health benefits when compared to conventional sources of dietary protein. For starters, they are free from any synthetic additives or preservatives that may be found in some conventional sources of dietary protein, such as whey concentrate or soy isolate. They also contain no added hormones or antibiotics that can be present in some animal products such as milk or eggs. Additionally, organic protein powder often contain more vitamins and minerals than their conventional counterparts due to the fact that they are derived from whole foods sources such as nuts and seeds instead of being processed artificially into powders at a manufacturing facility. Finally, many organic proteins come from sustainable sources that use less water and fewer chemical fertilizers than conventional farming methods do during production.

What To Look For When Shopping For Organic Protein Powder

When shopping for an organic protein powder it is important to read the label carefully so you know exactly what ingredients are included in each serving size and make sure it fits your dietary needs. Some points to consider include whether or not it contains added sugar (which can quickly add up over time), if it is high in fat (which may not be ideal depending on your goals) or if it contains any artificial sweeteners or flavors that could potentially cause digestive discomfort. Additionally, check out online reviews from other customers who have purchased the same product so you can get an idea of its flavor profile before making a purchase decision.

Choosing an organic protein powder over a conventional one is an excellent way to ensure that your body is getting quality nutrition without all the extra chemicals found in some commercial alternatives. With balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals along with other beneficial nutrients like fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants found naturally in plants—organic protein powder offers an effective way for anyone looking for a nutritious boost! Whether you’re trying to build muscle or just maintain good overall health, there’s an organic option out there perfect for every individual’s unique needs and goals

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